Who is hailey glassman dating now

19-Jul-2017 22:34

"I actually really love going to the supermarket," says Ross, who recently partnered with Special K on Nourish Your Next, a new initiative celebrating powerful women. When I don't sleep, and [I'm] drinking—like having alcohol when I'm on camera—it just doesn't work.

“Now you need to back that s**t up and take it back right now. While at dinner, Tinsley broke down over her non-existent marriage prospects. That’s not a friend.” While the rest of the housewives raised their eyebrows at Dorinda’s extreme shade-throwing, Tinsley proceeded to lose it. I do not have children,” she shouted at the ladies, crying that her past relationship was “not that easy to get over.” “So give me a g*****n second,” Tinsley cried. ” Dorinda, not wanting to miss her last opportunity to throw a dig at Sonja, added that Tinsley’s first move towards a new life should be to move out of the “chaos” that is Sonja’s townhouse.

This week she was accused of trying to shoot her maid for walking the dog too slowly.

Now Victoria Principal's going to be blasted into orbit - and insists her space suit must match her eyes.

Oh, and she wants THAT pooch to come along for the ride.

After much costly dithering, Victoria Principal has finally settled on the design for the space suit she will don when she becomes one of the first celebrities to be launched into space.

Below are 10 more dashing men, who just might embody the idea that less is more:1.