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03-Oct-2017 17:39

That’s a large number, especially considering just how obscure and outlandish the actual content of otome games tends to be. You play a heterosexual woman being courted by a host of attractive, young men.There are usually a few archetypes to choose from: the bad boy, the smart one, the cute shota (young boy), the reserved and mysterious type.One of the most inclusive games is about to reach a larger audience.Developer Magic Notion announced today that its dating sim Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is coming to Play Station 4 and Xbox One on February 7.Any of their adorable pixel-art mobile games could scratch your sims itch in different ways.Their subject matter ranges from running your own mall, to breeding race horses, to being the head of a game development company. This romantic dating sim has an interactive story and 10 different endings. Play online for free now on Pacthesis Games - official home to romantic dating games.

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“Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker isn’t just a fun dating sim, it’s also really about love being for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, hair color, or penchants for giant robot anime (Miaow!

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker features LGBTQ-friendly characters. Most other games of this type focus on straight relationships.